Our team

We are an agile team of experienced technical consultants with
a passion for transport information systems,
a desire to create the right solutions and
a commitment to excellence.

Led by Harry Moreau and Sean Og Crudden.

Our expertise

We have worked together as a team for nearly a decade
and spent the last 6 years working exclusively on
designing, developing and delivering
transport information systems.

Transit Smart Cards

We have worked with Iarnrod Eireann - Irish Rail on the Integrated Ticketing Scheme / Leap Card project.
Satori provided all planning, design, technical consultancy, development and quality services to Irish Rail for the implementation of the project.

Transit Revenue Settlement

To facilitate the Leap Card project,
Satori designed and implemented a robust Revenue Processing and Settlement System (SRPSS) to support all smart card transactions within Irish Rail. [read more]

Public Transport Data

Satori are GTFS experts.
GTFS is the open standard for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information. We have been instrumental in implementing the latest initiative to extend the GTFS specification to support complex fare structures.

Real-time Data

Satori has developed systems to convert public transit data to GTFS-realtime, an extension to the GTFS format that allows public transportation agencies to provide real-time updates about their fleet, for all public transport services in Ireland.

Open source solutions

We have an in-depth knowledge of OpenTripPlanner, a multi-modal journey planner and OneBusAway, a real-time transit information system.
Satori implemented modifications to these open source systems to support latest GTFS fares extension proposals and specific customer requirements.